Reports of my death…

Well I am happy to say that Liftport are, in the words of the (almost) immortal python character ‘not dead yet’ . Michael Lane was kind enough to confirm to me in email that they are still there and actively pursuing revenue from some of their spin off technologies,especially high altitude balloons. Here is part of the text so you will know what I mean.

“We need people to know we are ‘live and kicking’ and we are actively looking for development partners for our balloon network. read the blogs this week, look over what we are doing, and let me know what you think. we are looking for customers! schools, transportation systems (docks!) neighborhood watch programs, search and rescue, military, police. anyone that wants high-alt surveillance… we need customers for communication systems – wireless internet, radio, cell phone coverage.

[…] you can see that by gaining altitude, we quickly expand our line-of-sight, and with that, we can cover a huge area, quickly, for a wide range of communication systems. and we have already been at 150-500ft for 8 weeks, and 5300ft for 6 hours. so, we can cover a big area with our systems. at 2000ft, we have 50+ miles of direct line-of-sight, and almost 10,000 square miles of coverage beneath our balloon!”

If any takers read this then by all means contact Liftport. Others may sell you similar capabilities but they will not be working toward benefiting humanity the way the Space Elevator builders are trying to do.


~ by clauswitz on April 24, 2007.

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