About Future Spaces

As we begin the third millennium, humanity is in crisis. Economists point to one set of problems while climatologists point to others. Many political leaders pursue the idea of a purely military set of problems and prosecute their war on *phantoms* around the world while ignoring the contribution we in the West have made and continue to make, to producing those phantoms. Global warming continues to worsen and wreak havoc – its causes remain essentially un-addressed by all of the worst offenders. Scarce and irreplaceable resources continue to be used up at a rate which will beggar us within a century even by conservative estimates, baring some technological ‘miracle’. By comparison such things as loss of biodiversity and global pollution seem almost acceptable!

This site is devoted to examining what options humanity has and what policies give us the best chance of not only survival but preferably a thriving future. I hope this can be done not as a way of ignoring the problems of the present but as a way of engaging with them more completely. Looking back there have been times in the past we might wish decision makers in the past had been more engaged with their future (e.g. Treaty of Versailles) and other times when we are glad they did. This is about being the later.

I hope the site will attract informed debate and act as a meeting place for those who wish to help get humanity through the crisis. I hope all the more that it can then become a resource for all who might have the influence (by what ever means) to shape our next stage of history, politicians, advisers, corporate executives, you name it. Welcome all and let us not only make a difference. Let it be the *correct* difference for all our descendent’s sake.


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